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The forums are read-only

Dear forum user,

We at Text Control are currently in the process of reorganizing the support department and with that, several changes will be coming in the next months.

First of all, we feel that it is important to streamline and optimize the support for each customer so that questions will be answered quicker and issues can be resolved faster.

One of many steps was the introduction of our TX Support Center at http://support.textcontrol.com
The TX Support Center provides each customer a quick and efficient way to contact the Text Control support staff.
In contrast to this, we think that a forum is intended for communication and interaction between users, which does not fit into our vision of excellent support.

We considered different solutions, but finally decided to switch the forum into read-only mode so that the content will be preserved and is still accessible.

Support requests and any other form of contact however will be provided exclusively through tickets at http://support.textcontrol.com

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